Makeup pouch

Our makeup pouch is the leather version of your best friend, always there to get you out of any scrape – funny well, sometimes embarrassing too. This full grain calf leather beauty pouch has everything you could think of – a large zipped pocket to hold your treasures and even a mirror (Caution: applying eyeliner without the help of a reflective service can result in severe discomfort). And because this small women leather goods is doing things properly, it boasts a mix of grained leather and smooth leather – why do something simply, when you can do it better?


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Glossy chestnut

Pink Blush


  • Inside: An inside pocket to accommodate a mirror, a mirror & a large make-up compartment
  • Zipper closing on the top of the article
  • Height 13cm x Width 17cm x Thickness 7.5cm
  • Item weight: approximately 160 grams
  • Outside: smooth or grained genuine calf leather
  • Inside : cotton fabric
  • Made by hand in our workshops in Turkey

Galène bags have a raw beauty, like the charm of a waking face adorned only by the flush of sleep and the rays of dawn.

But just as the most natural of beauties need some care in order to maintain their youth, your Galène can continue to look flawless by following a few simple tips.

With our products, there is no list of complicated steps to follow. After all, your bag is meant to be of service to you and not the other way around. And we carefully select the material and designs with your needs and the real world in mind.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to wear your bag with pride and to follow the few recommendations below. Don’t worry, it’s nothing very complicated, but rather common sense.

  • Be careful not to scratch or rub your bag, particularly against abrasive surfaces. Galène’s leather finishes, in particular, don’t need a shave against a rough wall, but we know you know that.
  • Keep your bag away from moisture and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Also, beware of direct heat sources (radiator, vehicle left in the sun, etc.). Your Galène won’t be as appreciative of a winter evening by the fire and a mug of hot chocolate as you might be.
  • Your Galène does not mix well with grease, cosmetics, perfume or hand sanitzer. Be careful of any material (such as newspapers or other leathers) with colours which might rub off on your leather bag. Yes, this would make your Galène unique, but maybe more than you were hoping for.
  • Make sure your product doesn’t come into contact with water. In case the surface does get wet or dirty, we recommend that you dry it with a light, lint-free, absorbent cloth. Never use soap or solvent to clean any part of the bag, including the liner. A soft, light cloth with suffice in case of dirt or superficial stains. Remember, she’s a low-maintenance, natural beauty.


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