Escape moment collection

Escape moment collection

Collection of bags created during a stay in the south of France, these leather articles are an invitation to travel. A reinterpretation of the bucket bag and the tote bag, these objects blend femininity and romanticism. The combination of natural linen and full grain leather gives them a “chic-casual” look. With this Escape Moments Collection, the Galène brand highlights the summer colours, the strong bag edges and the smooth calf leather.



    Our 12PM bucket bag is a rare bird, the kind you don’t often cross paths with. A daring marriage of linen and leather, this smooth calf leather goods from the Escape Moments Collection boasts the most modern of lines. But, don’t get me wrong – this shoulder bag is no snobby artist. It’s also capable of keeping both feet on the ground. Plus, with its multiple interior pockets, it’s the perfect partner in crime, always there to watch your back.

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  • 9AM – Tote bag


    Our 9AM tote bag has a nomadic soul, and we would even say a little mischievous. Always in a good mood, this large bag is just as happy to join you on a shopping trip or for your tanning session at the beach. Triangle geometric handles brighten its sensible, smooth Nappa leather lines to give it a "little something extra". And because we don’t want your valuables to get lost among your books and folders, this women bag from the Escape Moments Collection has inside flat pocket for your cards & keys. We aren’t big fans, either, of hunting for keys on the porch at 11 PM, even if the bag we’re digging through is a beautiful Galène bag.

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  • Travel pouch


    There's nothing that this travel pouch likes more than hearing the alarm clock going off before 6AM. Masochistic? Nah, it's just that this small leather goods from the Escape Moments Collection is thrilled to explore the world with you. Cheers to new horizons and all the adventures that await you there! In the evening, its combination of linen and smooth leather will brighten up your hotel bathroom. Of course, this leather pouch is more than just pretty - it's also very practical, with a flat interior pocket and dimensions large enough to accommodate all your beauty essentials.

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  • Tropical credit card holder


    Think of our tropical card holder as an invitation to travel. Three slots and a central pocket happily welcome your credit cards, tickets and loyalty cards needed to sweep you off to faraway destinations. It’s true, you can’t order sun like you can order a drink, but you can buy a plane ticket to get to where the sun is shining! This small leather goods, with its shades of vibrant leather, is available in two colors.

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