The Brand

At Galène, the design adapts to your lifestyle. After all, you are multifaceted and there are many different “yous” – sometimes you are bold and ambitious, and other times, longing for peace and tranquillity. At Galène, we know the beautiful complexities and demands of life for the modern woman.  With this at the core of our design, you can now customise your bag to be exactly what you need in any given moment.

What they say

"A crowdfunding campaign to launch a brand of high quality leather goods"


"Galène, the beautiful story of 2 Chexbriens in love of crafts."


"Galène: the new Swiss brand of high-end leather goods"

Le Monde Économique

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Mini 10PM - Shoulder bag

Mini 10PM - Shoulder bag

330 €

Small in stature, but impressive in its ambition: our mini 10PM is audacious. Designed for those who want to live as many lives as possible in one, its Nappa leather accommodates interchangeable shoulder straps and flaps so that you can adapt seamlessly between meetings, weekends and parties. The centerpiece of the Urban Life collection, this piece is decorated with four unique, finely brushed metal jewels, molded perfectly into the corners.

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